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Please recommond a few top quality maths books.


Time for me to get to grips with maths, I was fairly good with it at school - university was a completely different thing - but information seems to have leaked out over time so I want to brush up.

I've looked on Amazon but the thing with GCSE (15-16 year old level) and A-Level (2 years up from GCSE) guides is that I don't quite know if they'd actually teach you more than required to pass the exam.

So, could you recommend a few maths books that when put together would cover topics from something that would be around GCSE level to first year of a mathematics degree at a university. Also, I wouldn't mind a good book on improving mental arithmetic if there are such things out there.

Please don't visit Amazon and copy the first few best sellers, I'd appreciate it if you kept it to only personal recommendations.

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