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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone could help me here.

I have this code:

if ( ( today === highlightDay || today === presetDay || today === 21 || today === 30 ) ) { thisTheme = o.pickPageHighButtonTheme; }
Now, where you see the "today" link today === 21 || today === 30 etc....

these are hardcoded.

What I need to do is to be able to read the 21 , 30 etc from a JSON file instead.

I've been looking here:  but I don't know how to get this together.

Can anyone help please?

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//Try something like this:

var minute = 0;
var second = 0;
$.getJSON( "", retrieveData );

function retrieveData( response ) {
  minute = response.minute;
  second = response.second;
  alert( "Minutes: " + minute + "\rSeconds: " + second );


I'm a bit confused sorry...

I need to read multiple today's from a json file and add then like today === 21 || today === 30 etc  ...when the date of the current month.

I'm basically trying to add dynamic dates to a calendar.

Could you explain a bit please? No sure what to do to change your code to my purpose...


I've created a json file with the same data as your sample one and uploaded it to my domain, then changed the url to point to mine.

The alert doesn't work on mine.

Do I need any special settings for it to work on my server?

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Hello ?
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Why a json file?

for example you have dates.txt : 21;30

Array.prototype.contains = function(element)  {
   for(var i=0;i<this.length;i++) if(this[i] == element) return true;
   return false;

var dates = [];

$(document).ready(function() {

$.get("dates.txt", function(data) {
     dates = data.split(";");


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At this time you can use :

if ( today === highlightDay || today === presetDay || dates.contains(today) ) { thisTheme = o.pickPageHighButtonTheme; }

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Your'e a genius! Thanks a billion for your help!
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You're welcome! Thanks for the points and a good week to you!

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