Create text file dump of SQL SP from Access

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Does anyone have an example of how I can create a text file dump of the results from a SQL Stored Procedure, run from Access?  I have an Access application that must run the SP in SQL and create a text file of the results.  My Access app is NOT a project, it's an mdb.

I know how to run the SP, but I need to know how to create the text file from there...
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- there are few methods available. normally i would use bcp function whereby i'll create a comma delimeted file and have control on data manipulation when writing it to the file:

- osql
- bcp
- redirection commands
- sp_MakeWebTask
- Com object calls

- all the methods is explain further in the following link:


No easy to follow for a beginner. Had to read up on the topic a lot apart from the solution provided.

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