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Pass multiple variables in a query string

I want to pass multiple variables in a query string. However is there anyway to pass them to avoid the url being very long ?
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use POST for sending the parameters. The URL will only be formed by the site name and page name
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Using POST is not an option in my case.
You can pass multiple parameters as follows:
<a href="yourpage.htm?code=XYZ&moreinfo=test%20description">Test link</a><br />

you can refer to this article on passing parameters and using javascript to retreive the parameters
I guess that you could write some JS to make the parameters string, zip it, encode it and send the result as a value for a single new param
you would have to decode it on the server side
but this is a workaround
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If yous Jsp then use hidden filed set the passing values in the hidden filed take it in java using request.getParameter()
<form onsubmit="concatenate();return false">
<input id="a" />
<input id="b" />
<input id="c" />
<input id="d" />
<input type="submit" value="submit" />

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with :

function concatenate()  {
   var a = document.getElementById("a").value;
   var b = document.getElementById("b").value;
   var c =  document.getElementById("c").value;
   var d = document.getElementById("d").value;
   location.href = "/path/to/page?AllInOne=" + encodeURIComponent( a + ";" + b + ";" + c + ";" + d ); // semicolon is a reserved char, you can choose an other one

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leakim971:How can I read the concatenated values in the aspx page ?
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Thanks for the points!