Exchange Server reboot now have "You do not have permission to send to this recipient" error

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My Exchange server locked yesterday after failing to find the DC which had crashed.

Now I have a problem with 3 mailboxes.
Users A & B have allowed Full Mailbox access to User C. This was done by me over a year ago and has been working fine. No "Send As" permissions were involved at any stage.

Since yesterdays reboot, whenever User A or B send an email it is not received by the recipient (not specific ones, everyone)  but User C receives a Sys Admin email in their inbox stating they do not have permission to send to the recipient(s) concerned. This email shows User C as the original sender.  I have removed the full access permissions and unattached User A&B mailboxes from User C but this does not resolve it. I have deleted User C profile and recreated without resolving. I have recreated permissions setup - still no joy.

Presumably I should just delete and recreate the mailboxes now - or is there a simpler answer?

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Ok, have now solved this.

It appears that User A & B's Outlook Profile had got confused and tehy were trying to send as User C . Presume this happened due to exchange server being cold booted after freezing whilst they still had a connection. I deleted and recreated their Outlook Profiles (on their client PC's) and all working.
Note that giving them permissions to send as User C in Active Directory did not work - albeit this was never going to be a good solution as they do not need this function.


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