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I recently learned how to build reports in SSRS, and it's been great. I am however having problems figuring out how to let people connect to the report manager without prompting them for credentials (and also not setting the security to anonymous).

I created a report that takes in an employee id as a parameter, and I'd like to make a page in our web app where employees can view their own report. I'm not sure if it's possible to give permissions that will just hyperlilnk to the report manager or if I'll have to use some report viewer control inside of our web app to display the report. Any help would be much appreciated!

SQL Server 2005 Standard + Windows 2003 Server
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I just realized it might not have been clear, but our webserver that hosts our web app is Windows Server 2003, with the report server being held on our SQL Server 2005.
Chris MConsulting - Technology Services

The best way is to have Active directory (AD) integrated security where your users will automatically be authenticated by AD when they connect to the reporting services portal.

Here's how to do it: Go to your report server portal administration site ( as the sys administrator then configure site wide security by clicking the home page and clicking properties.

Add AD security groups or individual users to different folders or groups (containers) on your report server.
Have a look at some of these resources:



Thanks for the links. I had messed around with the roles in the report manager previously, but that video very concisely explained some aspects I hadn't tried.

My problem more precisely I guess is that I don't want a prompt for credentials when remoting into our SQL Server.
Consulting - Technology Services
Hello Josh,
Like I stated earlier, when you authenticate users using AD integration locally then there should not be any issue but when accessing SSRS portal remotely, the portal will have no option than to prompt for credentials since those accessing it remotely are doing so without AD available remotely to authenticate their remote session, but AD is available on the LAN where your report server is.

Accessing SSRS portal via a VPN which connects to your LAN will however lead to no prompting of credentials from remote sessions so set-up a VPN connection which authenticates with AD on connecting from the remote locations, via the internet etc, so that connections from the VPN look like they are local.
That way, you will not have any requesting of credentials again.

Find out how to configure a VPN with firewalls like Checkpoint: here's a white paper on configuring VPN between Checkpoint VPN-1/FireWall-1 FP3 and SecuRemote:

There are lots of VPN clients & solutions available out there to give you this kind of experience while working off the VPN.

All the best.


Thanks a lot Chris!

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