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Was hoping to get some suggestions of CF hosting companies that you may have used.

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- almost all of my web development projects since 1998 is using coldfusion. however all of the client have their own webserver so i can't really recommend any hosting. 
- therefore i'm sharing the list of coldfusion hosting company listed by Adobe in the link below among others, Media3, Ayera and CFDynamics:
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Im partial to GoDaddy and use them for most of my clients.

I usu get the linux deluxe plan and it costs $1.99 a month for coldfusion to be added to your account.

I happen to strongly dislike GoDaddy, especially their handling of ColdFusion:

That's an interesting read. I've cancelled my auto-renew with GoDaddy.

Also, what are your requirements/constraints?

ColdFusion MX7 or Higher?
Backend - MySQL, MS SQL
Platform - Unix, Linux

I'm reading CrystalTech and HostMySite are solid but more expensive. Here's another pro for HostMySite, from Ben Nadel:

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Looking for Coldfusion 9 with MYSQL.

Not looking for anything expensive.  Looking to use it for myself...I have the dev version set up at home, but wanted to be able to view certain things on the web.  

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O.o I've used godaddy for about 5-6 years and haven't had any issues with them but thats just me.  I think that their support is a lot nicer than other companies I've dealt with due to the fact they don't seem to outsource it to another country and are available 24/7.  However, every company has a bad seed or two.

When signing up I usually do it via phone instead of their web process as the article is right that their web signup process is not the best.

On a side note I have never registered a domain with GoDaddy and usually keep my domain name seperate from my host so that I can switch my site around as I like without having to worry about the hosting company holding onto it.  The company I used before goDaddy went bust and I had to go through legal channels to get my domain released which was a pain.  There are definitely cheaper smaller companies out there but you run the risk of going through issues like mine.

I use to register my domains.


Has anyone heard of or used
stu215Systems Analyst/Project Manager/Programmer
I've never used or heard of it but found some reviews:

This one in particular had some interesting comments about it:

This piece in particular from the second link may not be so hot if you are looking for a linux hosting plan:

Where is Hostek’s terms of service?
Below at the bottom of any page where you would expect to find links to about, contact and most importantly the terms of service (tos) I find:

Specializing in ColdFusion web hosting. This includes ColdFusion 9 hosting, ColdFusion 8 hosting, ColdFusion reseller hosting. Additionally we offer ColdFusion dedicated hosting and ColdFusion dedicated server hosting. We also offer ColdFusion PHP hosting. We currently do not offer ColdFusion linux hosting. As you will see from any ColdFusion hosting reviews, we are a leader in ColdFusion hosting.

stu215Systems Analyst/Project Manager/Programmer

Sorry that second article must be old as I found this on Hostek's site which says they do have linux hosting for coldfusion:


Thanks for your comments

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