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Bit of a strange one.

I have a SQL2008 R2 server running under 2008 r2, the server has been in a test environment on a 100Mb switch and working fine while testing. I moved it to a production 1 GB switch with 3 other devices sharing that switch and now the data transfer performance has been reduced, users accessing data on this device have noticed a lot of slowing

The switch is good as are the other units plugged into it, the NIC shows a 1 GB Connection, the switch port shows a 1GB Link, the No errors or bottlenecks are present on this switch.

I cannot understand how moving from slower link to a faster one can cause this issue.

No other servers on the switch as having issues
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The switch may have reached its backplane threshold.

Check the network interface properties. check the properties of the file and printer sharing.  Which option is selected there? maximize throughput for network applications?

Is IIS also installed on this server, get the mini-speed test from www.speedtest.net and see whether the issue is really network, or the requests hitting the SQL and can not be fulfilled in a timely manner.
The test will tell you what the link throughput is.

use the sql tunning agent to see what can explain the performance or provide suggestion to add indices, etc.?

How big is the database, how much memory in the system? How much memory does sql use?
Did you set the boost SQL priority? SSMS properties of the database server, processor.
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Switch is overloaded.
Steve JenningsSr Manager Cloud Networking Ops

Check duplex and speed settings

Good luck,
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Are you sure it is me and not arnold\s answer?

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