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Have been struggling with this for days so help appreciated. Originally, XP SP3 machine with Office 2007 Pro installed. Then installed VISIO 2007 Pro. Installed fine, but then when running, every time went into "configuring" before eventually launching. This was using a domain account which has domain admin rights and is a member of local admins. If I log in as local administrator account (or a separate local account which has been made a member of local admins), it launches without an issue. Then installed Office 2010 (into different directory) and VISIO 2010 - same issue. Stripped off all Office applications and ran the two "FIXITs" for Office 2007/2010. Rebooted. Ran install of Office 2010 - fine. Ran install of VISIO 2010 - same issue. Tried using both the norereg and subinacl "fixes" and fixing the defltbase file - all to no avail. Ran regmon to compare working (local admin) launch with non-working (domain admin) launch to see if could capture differences, but there are just too many differences to go through.

Suspect this is a bug in the install for VISIO 2010 which does not assign correct permissions to a registry key or file somewhere, but checked the Microsoft site for hotfixes - nothing. Many people complaining of same issue with other Office 2010 and 2007 applications, but most are fixed using the actions suggested here :-

I have tried all of these actions, the permissions seem correct and running an effective permissions on the areas shown for the domain account does indeed show that it has full control.

Help please before this drives me to jump into the nearest boyne !!
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I know that the configuring... thing shows up when I switch between versions installed on the same machine. So if I last ran 2007 and click on 2010, I have to wait. The next time I run 2010, it starts fine. If I switch back to 2007, it reconfigures and I wait.

Don't really know what happened with your original situation. Did you "install for all users"? Other than that, you seem to know more details than I. Just thought I'd throw out my few data points.


Hi Visio Guy and thanks for the response. As stated, I removed absolutely everything - both Office/Visio 2007 and 2010 and used the Microsoft Office-manual-remove FIXITs to cleanup (see this link as you are no longer advised to use the msi cleanup utility. Rebooted to clean machine, then tried installing either Office 2010 then Visio 2010, OR Visio 2010 then Office 2010 - the order does not matter. The issue arises whichever order you try. I have tried uninstall/clean/reinstall several times without success. This has to be permissions since it works fine (no configuration window) if I launch when logged in as LOCAL admin.
OK fixed this. Looks like was corrupt permissions on an XP profile. I created another domain account, added to domain admins, logged on and presto !! After this, renamed (local) XP profile, logged back on and bingo - worked no problem. Copied all data from corrupt profile and deleted - job done.

Glad you fixed it. I'm a fairly inept permissions-tard, so to speak, so thanks for sharing the fix!



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