Running Windows Server 2008 in a SBS 2011 network

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I'm currently specifying a new SBS 2011 setup for a client, and they would like to run their accountancy package on a separate server.

I'd plumped for SBS 2011 with the premium add-on package, as this will allow me to run Server 2008 R2 on a separate server within the domain, and run the accountancy package on that (it is non SQL based).

My question is the add-on package is quite a premium compared to the cost of buying windows server 2008 R2 and then adding this as a member server to the SBS 2011 domain.
What advantages do I get from buying the add-on pack that I wouldn't get from installing windows server 2008 R2 on a standalone server, there's no prospect for using SQL on this server in the future?

Are there any disadvantages to doing it this way, i.e. does the add-on pack integrate the server into the SBS 2011 domain in a way that a windows server 2008R2 'standalone' wouldn't?

Thanks for your help
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If you do not want to use the SQL server license, it isprobably cheaper to just buy a Windows 2008 R2 standard license for the member server. There are no disadvantages.

You may want to take a look at windows 2008 R2 foundation if you have 15 or less users connecting to this server.
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No disadvantages I would purchase the Windos 2008 Server R2 license seperately there is no reason to purchase the other licenses if not needed. You will not see any issues by purchasing a seperate license for Windows 2008 Server R2
I think the reason MS came out with this Add-on idea is to let users to running SQL on a separate server. So if you are sure of not running SQL then there is no point you buying this add-on package. Just go buy a W2K8 server and join it up.

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