Why cant I filter a repeating table using a Sharepoint list in infopath 2007?

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I'm using infopath 2007 and sharepoitn 2007 (no infopath form services). The compatibility mode in infopath is NOT set to browser-enabled.

When I create a repeating table and connect it to receive data from a sharepoint 2007 custom list, the option to filter that data (on the display tab in the table properties area) disappears...  so essentially it will only return ALL records from the list.

That is not really desirable... I want to filter it based on the value of another control in the form, which seems to be what infopath is designed to help with.

What am I doing wrong? :(

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It also appears that master/detail control functionality is disabled when I'm linking to my sharepoint list (in a receive data secondary data connection)

is this intended?  does infopath just hate sharepoint custom lists?  that seems crazy!
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In SharePoint, you cannot dynamically filter your query results, Since SharePoint does not have a provision for this.  Other than you can change your default view of the list (which is what IP uses) and put some static filters, maybe date or something to it.

So you load all of the data into InfoPath but then you use filters and conditional formating within InfoPath to display only the subset of data you want.

So on a repeating table you would go to properties and conditional formating and exclude the data, where type does not equal dropdown field and select hide. This would only display the records that equalled the dropdown field.

Hope that helps


Perfect, that does exactly what I want... thanks again clay :)

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