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Crystal Reports misspelling (doubling up letters) on a computer

I have a application that incorporates Crystal Reports (I am using 2008 to design the reports). Basically it outputs data to a text file and then usesw that text file as the datasource for the report.

In my setup project I have added the Crystal Reports merge module file so that when my Application installs it installs the necesery crystal reports dlll's etc...

The application doesnt actually show the report in the Crystal Reports window, it automatically exports it to a pdf and opens that instead.

On my pc all is well, however on one of the users pc's when the pdf opens; anywhere in the document where there is a lower case "t" or "f" on the report there are 2 (i.e. the word "category" becomes "cattegoyr" and the word "from" becomes "ffrom"

this is really really odd - can anybody suggest what the problem could be?
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Not my client , but I've heard of this happening when formatting was applied to words, such as shadows, although in the case reported to me it was all letters in the word that were duplicated .  The somewhat inspired solution in that case was to open the pdf in acrobat and then print it to a pdf printer. (So creating a new pdf file)
Could it be your Acrobat Reader's version is higher than the one which attempted to open the report? Which is the one having duplicated letter(s)?
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Mike McCracken

Are they using the same printer as you are?

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they are not using the same printer as me no

i am using Adobe Reader X (windows 7), the effected pc is using version 8
Crystal builds the report with the original printer.  Changing printers can cause some issue but this is a new one for me.

Also there are differences in Adobe.

Can you install the printer dirver they are using on your machine?
If so open the report.  You don't need the printer physically available just don't ever print to it.
Set the printer to the new printer
Save the report
Run it on their machine

I have seen this problem before. You need to make sure that the version of crystal, including the SP, is recommended for the version of that you are using. The same thing can actually happen in BOE exports to PDF if the version of Crystal you author and publish the report in is not a version supported by that version of BOE. The problem is that neither product checks for version - it just tries to process whatever it gets and if it is wrong you wind up with repeat letters, extra letters, and/or overlapping letters.

What versions are you using. Is it CR 2008 for VS or just CR 2008? What version of VS are you using? Finally can you try the report on another Windows 7 machine and another machine like the one where it fails to see if OS is an issue? The new CR 2011 is the only one "certified" for Windows 7, though we have been using CR 2008 SP3 without a problem.

i have installed the app on another Windows7 pc and it still doubles up the letters, i have also installed it on another xp machine and it also does it on there.

On my development pc I am using Visual Studio 2008 and Crystal Reports 2008 SP3 (the professional paid for version)

in the visual studio setup file I am loading the CrystalReport 12.1 merge module file
What happened if you print preview the report, see it on screen, is it already doubled? You can narrow down your troubleshooting.
In that case I would start by going back to what mimcc said and make sure you all have the same printer drivers.
I have just changed my app so that it showes the report in the crystalreportviewer and it does not double up the letters.

if i then click export and export as a pdf the letters are doubled???
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I write reports all the time with Calibri and don't have an issue.  But I generally don't export them to PDF.

I just took one of my reports and changed the fields to Calibri and exported it with no porblem.

What printer is set as default?

I had the same printer set as default for both computers

I also tried removing asll of the printers and drivers off both pc and it still did the same
Maybe uninstall that font and reinstall it. Here is a link to download the font.
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