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Hi guys,

We have a TMG for use with 1 customer.
The customer has Exchange 2007 and TMG 2010.

The default TMG Exchange publishing is showing up as Exchange 2010 Outlook Web App main login page.

When user types: it works fine. (Exchange 2007 form)

When the user types: it shows (Exchange 2010 form).

When connecting from the outside, Exchange is published through TMG and the forms used are set to default of 'Exchange' in the Web Listener.

To handle HTTP requests, theres a rule to redirect to

However, when typing that address into the browser manually it shows up as Exchange 2010 form.

What I need to do, is keep it consistent across the board and have it all showing as Exchange 2007 if possible.

Do I need to edit the templates for this in TMG 2010?
Would taking a copy of the ISA 2006 Exchange directory (which is an Exchange 2007 form):

C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\CookieAuthTemplates\

and put them on the TMG under:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\Templates\CookieAuthTemplates\
under a directory called "Exchange2007"

Then adjust the Web Listening to default the forms to 'Exchange 2007'?

Will that work?
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Can you not just change the source directory for the /owa application to be the same as the root?


But then, surely that would point to which it is not publishing anything for?

It's not something I can just 'try' as a test on a production system at the moment.
Hi there,

I found out what my problem was, or at least a work around

The OWA Web Listener wasn't set to use any custom forms. Once set to 'Exchange' OWA was consistent no matter what I typed in.

Thanks for your help though!


This was my own answer.

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