What is the best way to create a website where users can enter data to a mysql database?

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I have an Access database with several forms and reports.  I would like to move it to a website.  I have been told that access will not work on a website.  They suggested I recreate it using mysql.  

Are there any tools that will make the task easier?

I need to create tables, forms and reports.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  
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Whether or not Access "works" depends upon your hosting company. GoDaddy supports Access, and I'm sure many other hosts do, too.
>> I have been told that access will not work on a website

That is not true, however it is not recommended

Asking what is the best way to create a website is a very broad question, there are many ways php/asp/asp.net that just a few there are a lot more.

Whichever you choose to use there will be lots of articles/tutorials on the internet that will help you acheive your goal (and experts exchange of course if you get stuck).

I would personally recomend asp.net, you can download (free) microsoft visual studio web developer 2010. Which will help develop your site... I only recommend this because I currently use it myself (I'm not saying it's the best option)
You are talking about moving from a very specific and confined environment to one with a multitude of options.
Asking what to use to develop a web application is like asking everybody what colour you should paint your bedroom.

Almost any database will act as a store for the data although it is generally the case that a 'server'database is better than a file store such as Access.  Depending on where you plan to host your website , there may be restrictions on which database(s) can be used.

However your real issue is  how to create your front-end.  
There is nothing really equivalent to Access but you can look at products such as ColdFusion or FileMaker for non-programming based development.  Most tools though are very much more code based than Access.

Web front-ends are generally developed in one (or usually several at once) of the 25million web development tools that are around and which can be platform specific or cross-platform.
Microsoft's visual studio is a main tool on Windows based servers.

Access 2010 introduces an opportunity to develop web-based applications but these are restricted to using Sharepoint data stores and have lots of limitations at the moment.
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We will be using network solutions to host it.  They offer mysql with their hosting packages.  

I will look at coldfusiion and filemaker.

Any other suggestions?
Some thoughts:

1.  Split your project into a database conversion and a webconversion.  I mean, convert the Access backend to MYSQL backend first, do the other tiers later (or visa versa).  

2.  When choosing among the technologies available, there are many to choose from. After eliminating those that don't meet your requirements (you do have requirements, right?), lean toward those that match your skill set.

3.  Choice of hosting providers is trivial.  Design your app so that it is readily portable and not dependent on an odd-ball provider.  In fact, you should be able to do most of the development on a small workstation or network with webserver and db server installed, then scale it to the host with little fanfare.

Not all hosting solutions offer ColdFusion, so make sure yours, and your plan, will.


Thanks for the suggestions.  I am currently looking at some code generating software for PHP and MYSQL.

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