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It's been a very long time for me with this stuff and need some help.

I am trying to seperate my users from my servers based on the existing network setup.
currently everything here is on 10.2.99.x so we are running out of IP's for our infrastucture devices (servers, printer etc.etc.)
What I was thinking was add another network
Am on the right track, or am I over complicating it?  If I am on the right track using cisco devices how do I get the routers and to talk.

Thanks in advance.
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You are on the right track.  Setup VLans on the cisco routers
and you can add routes
I cant rememer the exact command in Cisco but it should be something similar to:
ip route .3 gateway
ip route .2 gateway

he gateway will be whatever is doing the router so most likely the switch.


Do I need to go through all that?

What if I instead give all my users 10.2.95.x could that work if my Servers will accept that?

You have to give some kind of route for the switches to know how to pass traffic.  This is the proper way and I would not recommend any other way.
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The best practices is to seperate users, servers and printers each on separate.

If you don't want to do all that work by changing the existing setup, then adding the new network on a new vlan is the way to go.  You can simplify the routing though by using either rip or eigrp on the router that both networks connect to.

configure terminal
router eigrp 10
no auto

If you have layer 3 switches you can configure routing on the switches.
There is lots of ways you can do it, depending on your network topology and Cisco routers you are using.

If you have one router, you can configure interface to the switch as 802.1Q trunk by creating subinterfaces:

! Assuming servers and printers are in VLAN 10, and users in VLAN 20
interface FastEthernet 0/0.10
 encapsulation dot1q 10
 ip addr
interface FastEthernet 0/0.20
 encapsulation dot1q 20
 ip addr

As both networks are directly connected to router, you don't have to use any dynamic routing protocol, or any static route. Just set default gateway on hosts in each VLAN to corresponding IP addresses on router.

If you have L3 switch, you just need to create VLAN interfaces and enable routing:
interface vlan 10
 ip addr
 no shut
interface vlan 20
 ip addr
 no shut
ip routing

If you can post your topology and Cisco devices models, I will be able to help you more precisely.


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