Cisco ESW-520 Not acting like a switch

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I just received a Cisco ESW-520 and all I want it to do is work like a switch.

So I opened the box, plug it in and attach a laptop according to the instructions.
Then log in, change the pass, and change the IP to our subnet.
Plug in a cable from our other switch (generic) and then plug in a laptop to the Cisco ESW-520 to verify connectivity.

It doesn't work.
I can log in with the laptop but that's it. No internet, no internal network, nothing.
REALLY frustrating  I know this is a managed switch but right now I just need it to act like a normal switch.
I know I must be missing something simple.  First time with a managed switch so not sure what to do.
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Did you just link a manual?  Seriously? You know what, I don't come here to be made fun of, I come here because I have limited time to learn technologies I will never need to touch again.

Was that amusing to you, haha RTFM?

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What type of switch is the generic switch? Are connecting the laptop into the generic and not getting connectivity when it's connnected to the Cisco switch or vice versa?
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>>What type of switch is the generic switch?

It is an old Linksys 12 port that we need to replace, I was testing out this new one before just swapping cables.  I have another cheap switch that works jst by plugging a cable into it and attaching to the linksys, so I assumed I could do the same with this Cisco ESW-520

I really just need it to replace the linksys and that is all, the management features I do not need right now.

>>Are connecting the laptop into the generic and not getting connectivity when it's connnected to the Cisco switch or vice versa?

I am plugging in the laptop to the  Cisco ESW-520, one cable from the Cisco ESW-520 to the linksys and one to the laptop. The laptop sees the Cisco ESW-520 but cannot get out to the internet or see internal network.  A cheap switch works, so I know it is something with the Cisco ESW-520
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I apologise if you feel I was making fun of you.  That wasn't my intention.  In honesty I linked the wrong page, which detailed how to configure the port to link to another switch.
If you would prefer me to stay out of this question, I understand.

You should be able to connect anything to the switch out-of-the-box.  All ports will be on VLAN1, and each port will be configured as an access-port.
Can you log in to the switch and verify what VLAN ID is assigned to the port you have the Linksys switch connected to?
I picked up one thing on the ESW-520:  It have definite Uplink and Access ports, and it seems that the default settings differ:  Access ports (by default) only allow a certain number of MAC-addresses before it stops learning new MAC addresses.  So, if you connected the old switch to an Access port, your symptoms make sense.  The Uplink and access ports for the various models are:

Model                  | Uplink                           | Access
ESW 520-8P        | GE1                               | 1-8
ESW 540-8P        | GE1                               | 1-8
ESW 520-24/24P | GE1-GE4                       | 1-24
ESW 520-48/48P | GE1-GE4                       | 1-48
ESW 540-24/24P | 11-12, 23-24 GE1-GE4  | 1-10, 13-22
ESW 540-48        | 23-24, 47-48 GE1-GE4  | 1-22, 25-46

Reboot the switch and use an Uplink port, or indicate if you need to change the defaults.  Or I'm wrong and something else is the fault...



Worked perfectly, thank you.
I used one of the 4 uplink ports and connected it to the linksys, rebooted and it now works as just a switch

Thank you

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