Deleted User account from SBS 2008 via Active Directory

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I have just taken over a server SBS 2008. The previous tech realised that he was unbale to deliver emails to users via the pop 3 connector due to the fact that users were not created in the SBS Console but via Active Directory. He then proceeded to delete the users in Active Directory and create them via the sbs console and then the tech became unreachable.

I have just had a look and in Exchange I cannot access the properties for mailboxes of the  deleted users.

How can I link the mailboxes of the deleted users with their newly created accounts which were done via the sbs console.

Please help urgently.

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if the user accounts for these mailboxes are deleted you are going to have recover them from a backup and then reconnect them from the exchange console .. you can not just create a user account with the same name and connect it to the existing mailbox as the user account is created with a new SID.


Didnt completly resolve the issue

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