MS Access Parsing or Splitting a text field in a table

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Hi Everyone,

Can someone show me how to parse this:
Val      VV      Values
7            0 - no
7            1 - yes
6            M - male
6            F - female

into this in my Table1:

Val      VV      Values
7      0      no
7      1      yes
6      M      male
6      F      female

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Hmmm my columns did not line up well when I submitted this.  

Val      VV      Values
7                      0 - no
7                      1 - yes
6                      M - male
6                      F - female

to this:
Val      VV      Values
7         0          no
7         1          yes
6         M          male
6         F          female
I may suggest to use Excel in separating the text, then import into Access once done.



Sure- but I don't know how to do that either- do you?
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Here are the steps when you separate text in Excel:

1. Copy the table into Excel
2. Select the Values Column
3. Data Tab -> Data Tools -> Text to Columns
4. Follow the Wizard and type "-" in Other box of the Step 2-3 wizard.
5. Once they are separated, assigned the correct column labels as  Val, VV and Values

Once completed, Open your access database:
1. External Data -> Import -> Excel
2. Follow the wizard

Or if you have already Table 1, just copy the data from Excel and paste it directly into Table1.

It's a long process but this is what I think easiest for me to achieve.

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SELECT [Val], Left(Values,1) as [VV], Mid([Values],3) as [Vals] FROM [TableName]



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