ColdFusion-based Auction Application

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Looking for a ColdFusion-based Auction Application.  Would prefer MS Access backend database. Anyone know of an existing solution?
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don't really have any experience any that you can find for yourself with a quick search. I can offer a bit of advice on the access db as a backend. Don't.

If you plan to have any kind of traffic on your site you'll soon be regretting the choice. access is really a desktop db and is not suitable for demanding applications. You -can- push them to do some amazing things, but you'll suffer from speed issues & there's really no upgrade path if your site is a success. You'd be far better going with mysql or mssql to start and take advantage of all that a "real" db can offer

fyi I've developed in access for over 10 years so I'm not bashing it...I just know what it's useful for and what it's not



Appreciated advice but didn't solve my problem.

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