Printing from my HP 3015 Letterhead issues

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I want to be able to have my printer print the first page letterhead and then the rest in plain.

Can someone step by step guide explain how this is done because ive been pulling my hair our for 4 hours now and it seems it just cannot use more than one tray in a single print job...
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This is the PCL code: Tray 2 (500-sheet)      Esc&l1H

Which application is this from?


That means nothing to me sorry I dont understand. I am printing from Word 2010,  tray2 is set to paper size letter and the type is letterhead. Tray3 to size A4 and the type Plain.

Its a three page doc and I want page one to come from tray2 and page two to three to come from tray3.

Can this be done?
Modern versions of Word, in conjunction with a suitable printer driver, usually offer (via the ' print preferences' dialogue) the ability to select one tray (or paper type?)  for the first page/sheet, and a different tray for the remainder.

Available features depend on which driver you are using (and on Operating System).

The comment from David_Ingledew only applies if your application is generating the print stream directly (without using a driver), or using special Word features to 'inject' PCL5 escape sequences into the print stream (when using a PCL5 driver).
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... although as you appear to be requiring that the document uses different paper sizes for the first and subsequent sheets, this may complicate the issue.

At the least, I'd expect that the Word document would need to be 'sectioned', with the appropriate paper size associated with each section.


Sorry, jumped in with both feet!

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