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I have been looking at developing some applications on a couple of platforms.  

I looked a bit at the Android - and it wants $25.00 for a developer's fee.  If I pay a developer to create this app and he uploads it, I am assuming that he could at any point, remove it, etc?  

If I upload it though and then find out there might be a hidden feature that I do not know about or worse, he puts something in it, like malware.  And then Google bans my account.  

Besides the legal agreements, etc - is there anything else that I should look for / consider?

Thank you!
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Yes you are right in everything you say.. but the bottom line is whoever you choose will ask for developers fees. In case of Apple it is $99.00.
Experience has shown if you choose a developer you setup a agreement where all your concerns are addressed and met However, what I would suggest in (if you are using a mac system) create the apps yourself. I thought it was beyond my understanding but I was amased as to how easy it was.
Purchased XCODE for £2.99 and I was away.
If you do not fancy all this coding you can buy ready made packages that will allow you to create your app. But this depends on the type of App you want to develop. For gaming there are plenty available.

Good luck


Thanks - that helped.  I am registering everything now.

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