Win XP - Icons don't execute apps any more

Tony Giangreco
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One of our Win XP boxs got hit with a virus or spyware. When we click an icon, it asks what application to run. I was able to send that email account an email with a link to Malwarebutes and which did find a few viruses but after the quarentine, removal and reboot, the same problem exists.

How do I resolve it?
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Rebuild the Profile.

I have had this happened once before and what it was is they accidentally associated the shortcuts with a filetype and completely broke it.  the only way I was able to resolve was to rebuild the profile.
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Better to try to repair the existing profile.
There were probably some registry edits done by the malware.

Download and run "RogueKiller" - using all of the Menu Options (1-6). (Rogue-Killer-What-a-great-name)

You can also try these two - both safe and used by many thousands of Techs to repair this kind of damage.

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gamergirl's solution should work..
djones05System Administrator

good suggestions guys...

also, try using Vipre or Kaspersky antivirus. it can repair applications and remove the viruses. the virus might have system-hidden the executable file of your applications then replaced it with the exe of the virus.

you can also use ExplorerXP to view the system-hidden exe's. then use iReset and drag the files/folders to it, so it will reset the attributes of your files.

hope it helps...

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