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Hello Folks,

I have a client who is upgrading from an iPhone3 to an iPhone4 and as such would like the data moved over including contacts, calendar, email etc.
This data is extremely important and it's imperative that it is not lost.

I'm thinking the obvious way to do it is through iTunes, but I know through bad experience of another colleague, when all his contacts were lost when trying to carry out same type of operation not to put 100% faith in this.!

Thus I'm looking for a bullet proof method where I can backup all the data 1st before attempting to sync the devices through iTunes.

Anyone know if the iTunes folder and all it's contents would hold the data and if things went askew I could simply import it all back again ?

Also if anyone has an easier or more robust method of transferring the data it would be great to hear your suggestion.

many thanks for any input.
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I would do one of the following if it were me:-

1) Connect the phone to iTunes and cancel the Sync if it starts. Then I would tak a complete backup of the phone. Then and only then, would I try and Sync or

2) I would use a 3rd Party product such as Touchcopy to backup as much as I can.

Of course, if the emails and contacts are on an Exchange account, then you won't need to back them up as setting the account up on the new iPhone4 will just download them from the server anyway.


Hi roybridge, thanks for the input. You say "cancel the sync" and then "take a complete backup of the phone"  What function within ITunes do you use to take a complete backup, as I am unable to find "backup" within any menus.
Thx for your help.

You right click on the device in the left hand pane and select Back Up

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