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WSS 3.0 domain and user migration

Currently we have a single server in a server farm.  Runing server 2008 and sql 2005 64 bit.  Sharepoint is current on service pack and hotfixes.  My company plans to move from a two domain directory to a single domain.  All users, servers and pcs will be moved to the new domain using the Quest domain migration tools.   Migrating the sharepoint server to the new domain is not a problem i have done several in the past.  Users will have access with there existing accounts via the trusts in place.  The problem comes up when we start to migrate users to the new domain.  Once the user is migrated and logs on to the new domain they loose access to sharepoint.  Once i can ID the users i can run the stsadm tool to migrate the users but i have no way to ID the users who have been migrated who have access to sharepoint.    Is there a way to resolve this issue?
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