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In our server Win 2003 R2 SE x64 SP2 with IIS6 there is a problem with high cpu usage of IIS worker processes.
w3wp.exe is taking 100% CPU and at some point stuck processing of requests.
I read that once w3wp.exe process stop and than starts and we have http requests on sites,
w3wp.exe process is compiling .NET using JIT compilers.

To improve the situation is it correct to limit CPU monitoring threshold to 80%, make those work processes never down by idle, and define at least processes per Application pool.

Will be the above recommendations reasonable?
Can you please advice if there are ofter approaches to tune IIS6?
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I have handled several issues regarding IIS, and each one is particular, hwr, depending of the threads and the peak times you could setup reclying at several times.

First of all, this behaviour is all the time? (the 100% cpu) if not, what are the intervals, so that we could perhaps tune up a bit and tryout your performace afterwards.



How to make recycling several times in IIS6?

The problem happens after some calm period when coming pick.
W3wp processes are coming up and by serving requests also use JIT compiler.
Here is the method:

Now, it is important for you to determine the peak times of use, set up system monitor with the counters regarding IIS and thous you would be able to play with your recycling times.

Another thing is that if you have more than one web site on that server, create a new app pool for each web site in order for your to gate the problem much more easily.

Let me know if you need any other help.


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