Error processing SSI file

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I am getting an error processing ssi file when I open a page.
I checked the handler mappings and server side includes is there.

The page is using the virtual coding.
What else can I check to fix the problem?
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What is the code you are using?  Where is the document in relation to the SSIs?  

If you are on IE, make sure Show Friendly HTTP Messages is unchecked.  This will also help you as well.


Thank you for your response.
I am contacting the person who may know the answer to those questions and will get back to you.


The “code” is the html that is trying to execute :

<!--        #include virtual=”JessData\PollLoc.txt”  -- >

Where JessData has been defined as a virtual directory and points to a networked location
I think when using the virtual you need to use
<!--        #include virtual=”/JessData/PollLoc.txt”  -- >

Open in new window

And to test more, create a page with just the include file and use
<!--        #include file=”JessData/PollLoc.txt”  -- >

Open in new window

(assuming the .shtml / .shtm is in the folder above.  

But this also goes back to my other question I asked re: the message you receive on IE?  

And what is the file extension of the page - is it .shtml or .shtm ?  I know you said mappings is in there, but if you are on a IIS server and relying on .shtml / .shtm, there was a setting that you need to check.

Or is you are on a *NIX box, the filenames are case sensitive, so that might be something else to consider.

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