Displaying XML node attribute with XQuery and TSQL

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I have an xml file that is not particularly well formed, I can bulk load the XML file into a sql server xml Field then Im using xquery to query the xml into relational data, the problem that I have is a key value is set as an attribute of a node rather than the text, with my current query I dont know how to select and display the attribute value, any help would be appricated, have an example below

I want to return the child number,

The xml structure
<Child ChildNumber =1>
<Child ChildNumber =2>

The Tsql/xQuery im using is as follows

Select T1.child.query('data(childName)') as ChildName, 
T1.child.query('data(childAge)') as ChildAge
From FamilyXML
CROSS APPLY XMLField.Nodes('(/parents/parent/child)')
as T1(Child)

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