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How to deploy a Delphi localised application ?

With the help of EE experts, I suceeded to write a localised application.
My PC is originally in the belgian french locale
I localised my application with the Delphi IDE in english UK
Delphi created a ENG directory
After translating forms using the IDE tools, I recompiled everything and I have now a nice myApplication.exe and also a myApplication.ENG
As I understand, myApplication.ENG is a DLL containing the stuff necessary for the executable to "translate" the forms...
A couple of days ago, I found a trick to test it on my own development PC
I renamed the DLL into myApplication.FRB (FRB is for belgian french) and indeed running the application, the forms came translated.
Now today I continued with this application (there are many forms) to translate some forms.
Applying the same rename trick ... did not work anymore !


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