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Hello, I am trying to process data in php from an sql query as follows:

I pull daily data for a fund, the data includes the date, ticker, volume, AUM (Assets under Management), Flows, Type of Fund, Fund Company ect

Once I have this data I am trying to calculate for example the Weekly data for each fund between the dates i provided for the query for each ticker

so my results look something like
                Ticker1    Ticker2    Ticker3     Ticker4
week1    volume    volume    volume     volume
week2    volume    volume    volume     volume
week3    volume    volume    volume     volume
week4    volume    volume    volume     volume
week5    volume    volume    volume     volume

I already can pull all of the weeks from the daily data and dump them into an array, but in php I need to create a multi-dimensional array to contain [ticker][date][volume] so that for each date and ticker I can calculate the volume.

Any thoughts or ideas? Any better ways to do this?

Also, any suggestions as how to loop through the daily data and for each week, for each ticker, get volume from the sql array.

I use while($info = mysql_fetch_array($data)) to loop through my results by row.

Please let me know if you need more info.

Is there maybe a way to calculate this data from SQL instead of trying to process it in PHP?

Thanks soo much!

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In my opinion what you need to do is perfect candidate for SQL views where you aggregate/calculate data you need from SQL tables the in PHP you just select from the view instead of tables and do the calculations in arrays.
If your code is too complex then use SQL stored procedures instead  - you call them from PHP and you can pass parameters as well, and they will return your desired data set.


So if my query for daily info is:

"SELECT `etfdailymetrics`.Ticker, `etfdescriptions`.Name, `Fund_Company_Name`, `Volume`,  `Date` From `etfdailymetrics` inner join `etfdescriptions` on `etfdescriptions`.Ticker = `etfdailymetrics`.Ticker where `Date1 >= '". $start."' and `Date` <= `".$end."' group by `Date` order by `Date`"

What would I need to do to make it calculate weekly volume for each ticker or yearly volume ect?

I am not very skilled with SQL


Nevermind, I solved it. with Group by and Order by

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