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What is hotfix.exe?  Is it harmful?  If so, how do I remove it?  I just received a Microsoft pop-up box that said software I ran previously had a problem (5 times) and to report it to Microsoft.  In all instances, the "problem" was hotfix.exe.

If this is a virus, how can I avoid getting infected again?

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There's an excellent guide to removal of the malware that includes hotfix.exe here

You'll need MalwareBytes Antimalware, ShellReg and Rkill (which are all linked to on that page) downloaded to a USB stick on a clean machine to act as your "Removal Toolkit"
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If the hotfix.exe file belonging to the ThinkPoint rogue program then the link that MASQUERAID pointed out should take care of it, just follow the steps.

Did you actually(at some point) see the "ThinkPoint" window?
If it's a ThinkPoint rogue issue, you would've had problem accessing the desktop.

If it's not the hotfix.exe belonging to the ThinkPoint rogue, it's possible that the file belongs to Microsoft's hotfix.exe - a utility used in the installation of Windows NT hotfixes.
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