Any API to get speedtest results?

Christian de Bellefeuille
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I would like to know if there's some "" like websites that could provide the result of a speedtest in XML format, or any other readable format?

This web site use a flash application and i don't see how i could get the result from my application.

Thanks a lot for your help
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thanks modus_operandi.

Matti, what are you suggesting exactly?  GetTickCount will simply give a time at the beginning of a process, and the time at the end.  

To get a speedtest of an internet connection, i must upload a bunch of data to a really fast server (other than our own server), and also download a bunch of data from it, and count the difference of time between each operations.  That part i could figure out...

I guess for the download i could try to download a big file from a very fast web site, and do some kind of calculation trick with the result of a ping -l 20480 (by checking how long it took to transfer 20Kb of data).  But i've tried that, and it doesn't give a good result...

I don't think that there is posibility to do exact speed test if you have this on internet connetion. Install IIS on you devmacine and setup that website on it.
The rest is up to the connection speeds, it's your program performance you seek a solution?
You can estimate the speeds on eyes what happens, and you can download Wireshark that has speed limiters, slow network cards down using it and do calculations.

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Ok.  I think that my question was not clear enough.

We are developing a VNC like application (both Client & Server).  A version that could allow 1:N connection.  We want to add a functionnality to our client so the moderator (the person sharing his screen), can trigger a speedtest to all it's participants (to troubleshoot some connection speed.  it might not be the fault of our server, and it might not be the fault of the moderator connection too, but just a simple participant who is having problem with his connection).  

If we want to troubleshoot a connection problem, the server on which we are doing the speedtest must be independant than our own server.

So this test need to by a simple call to a web page.  This web page should start the speed test automatically, and give the result in a text/html/xml file format if possible.   We don't want to tell to our user: "Ok, a browser window will open once you click here, than you should see a START button in this page.  Click on it, wait until the test is done, and post back your result"...

I hope our needs is clear now.

I think i've found what i'm looking for, but the result does not give me the truth.  See this link:

It give me 4.79 Mbps for download, and 810 Kbps for upload.  Upload is right, but my download is way more than 4.79!  It's arround 10.5 Mbps
could be their upstream limit.  I got 4.6Mbps, and I'm either far above or far below, depending on which connection gets picked by the load balancer.


at least it give us a tip to see if there's a problem with the moderator connection, the participant connection, or our server load.

If i don't find any better solution, i think we will use this solution since it start automatically and that we can get a readable result.
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Not an API, but something I have used with great success.  You can find all of these with a Google search.  They are free downloads and can be installed and running on a Windows PC client in minutes.

Firefox browser
Firebug Plug-in
YSlow Plug-in

Here is a screen shot showing the kind of output you can get.  Most of these have greater explanation if you drill down.


@Ray, It doesn't seems to give any speedresult.

But i think the web site i've found will give us a good idea of the connection of our customers.  So i'll close this question


If people are looking at this question, was the answer i was looking for.

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