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I need a script that will install a user account in the Administrator Group on a list of servers....sort of a back door account if the Administrator account is unkown. Is that possible?

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TO make sure I understand, you want to run a batch on a server that will add a local account for the case all your network admins are suddenly gone?  I am not sure why you would need to have such a back door, since if you are in front of it, you can always hack your way into your own AD off a CD.

But if you want to do this,

net user tsaico1 password! /add
net localgroup administrators tsaico1 /add
should work, making a new

Ths should create a new users tsaico1 with the password of password!, then add it to the local administrators group.


I'm talking about if you take a server off the domain and you try to access it locally with the administrator account and nobody knows the password. I was thinking to have another account in the administrator group as a backup incase the administrator account doesn't work.
There still isn't really a need for this.  There are many utilities to use to reset local admin accounts, many free and some fairly easy to use.  Also, with this style, you will have an adittional account to watch over, and since it will not be used often, you are also most likely to have it written down somewhere, meaning another chance for someone to find it, or just lose it entirely, making you use the utility to reset passwords anyway.  Not to mention, if one of your IT admin leave (inlcuding you), there is a backdoor that is most likely forgotten also.

But the script I have above, shoudl work.

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