What is a database object

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Can someone please explain simply to me, 'what is a database object'?

I know what a database is, I know that code can pull data from a database and deliver to a client front end, i just need someone to wrap it up in "idiot speak" so I get it because it's driving me mad. I need a definition that I can understand.

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Database Analyst
A table is a database object
A viev, stored procedure, user defined function are all database (code) objects.


Ok thanks, I knew it was a simple one but just no one giving a direct answer.
rtayIT Director

Database objects are the main componets of a database used to store and display the relational data.  The main Database Objects in MS Sql are tables, stored procedures, views, users and functions.  So, a database object of "table" would include the rows and fields to store your data.  

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