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Using my encrypted swipe control in a web page, when swiped into a standard textbox/password field of about 100px in length takes about 10 seconds to enter all of the encrypted swiped data. The field flickers as the masked data is entered and shifted to the left.  If i change the textbox to be Multi-lined with 9 rows at 800px in length, takes about 1 second to populate the entire area, but the characters are not masked. So, I would like the best of both worlds and create a multi-line password textbox.  Can it be done?
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You could try extending the functionality of a multiline Textbox control by creating a User Control out of it.   You could then provide an event with the purpose of masking the populated information in the Text property and storing the actual populated information in a created property (e.g. RealText) within the user control.

If you need then to access the actual information, you access RealText property as an example rather than Text.

Check the link below.  This might help in what you are trying to achieve.

thanks, but that's not really what i am looking for.


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