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Hi all i have a query within SQL and would like to return values in a column where the first three letters are AMC and AMW,

How do i add this to my query


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WHERE yourfield like 'AM[CW]%'
Do you mean the columns have the first 3 letters AMC and AMW or the contents of the columns have that?

A bit more info if you could and I'll see what help I can provide.




This is my query

SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.ihead.ih_account, dbo.ihead.ih_name, dbo.ihead.ih_quodate, dbo.ihead.ih_invdate, dbo.ihead.ih_quotat, dbo.ihead.ih_invoice,
                      dbo.ihead.ih_exvat, dbo.ihead.ih_vat, dbo.ihead.ih_fcurr, dbo.ihead.ih_region, dbo.ihead.ih_terrtry, dbo.ihead.ih_raised, dbo.itran.it_anal, dbo.itran.it_status,
FROM         dbo.ihead LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.itran ON dbo.ihead.ih_doc = dbo.itran.it_doc
WHERE     (dbo.ihead.ih_quotat > ' ') AND (dbo.itran.it_recno = '1') AND (dbo.itran.it_status = 'A') AND (dbo.itran.it_anal > ' ') AND (dbo.ihead.ih_quotat > ' ') AND (DATEPART(m,
                      dbo.ihead.ih_quodate) = DATEPART(m, GETDATE())) AND (DATEPART(yyyy, dbo.ihead.ih_quodate) = DATEPART(yyyy, GETDATE()))

In the column IT_anal i need to retrieve everything that starts with AMW and AMC

angelIII i tried you code and it returned nothing there should be 12 entries

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where left(myfield, 3) in ('AMC', 'AMW')

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so mine worked correctly?!


Sorry yes i mistyped the query sorry :(

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