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I am looking for a piece of software that consists of management console and an agent running in the background and which is responsible for synchronizing users files from laptop to network share once the user connects to corporate network. So as per the title an alternative to offline files.

My scenario
I want to sync C:\Users\KrisW to \\MY_SERVER\UserData\KrisW and back (if the user makes the changes on the server) whenever  user's laptop is on a corporate LAN.

Ideally this would integrate with Group Policy for the ease of administrator and to ensure settings are applied consistently across all devices OR it would allow me to control the settings using registry.

An alternative would be a Dropbox or type-of-solution, but with an ability to put a server on the corporate network and not having to keep the data in the cloud:-)


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I've used Laplink's $30 PCsync utility to do this ( It works very well, although I don't know if it has any kind of Group Policy controls. Normally you just use the built-in wizard to select things to be sync'd and schedule the sync processes. But PCsync also supports an API called SmartXchange for defining and tracking synchronization of items between two machines. You create a set of rules for a synchronization job specifying the machines, directories, direction and overwrite rules for each synchronization job. When a PCsync machine


Thanks packetguy, not really what I was looking for, but awarding points anyway.


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