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Most forums I find out there are populated with people asking questions about a technical problem with a particular technology. It's hard to find any place where people openly discuss the various possiblities that lie in the future of computing and how students, businesses, and home users will be affected.

Usually if I ask people to guess about the future of Apple, Google, or Microsoft on a standard forum I get a cold response reminding me that my question has isn't rooted in fact and therefore any guesses are meaningless, but I come from a different mindset and would like to find others like me who are willing to play around with the idea of hypothetical futures.

Does anyone know where I could find a good forum with educated people interested in discussing the possible futures of computing? I'd like to talk about such topics as mobile apps, ipads, chrome books, cloud computing, azure, and the future of business networks so that I can make a better educated guess as to what I should study in school in preparation for the future.
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I normally go to the Trends section on Tek-tips.
I believe this section will interest you as well.

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