What ports does logmein free use.

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I'm trying to configure an ASA for the first time. (yay me!) I need to know what ports Logmein uses so that we can actually remote into the network whenever we're needed.
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For software firewall, I believe that it uses port 2002 and for hardware firewall, you will need to allow port 443 and port 80 to allow Internet traffic.
You don't need to forward any ports, that is the main selling point of their products compared to something like PC Anywhere. As long as the client can get on the internet via port 80 and 443 you are all set.


Thanks a bunch! Made my day a lot better.
No problem. I requested attention though as you should give hunart at least half the points. We said more or less the same thing. Thanks and good luck setting up the ASA

Per the request of akalbfell, I've reopened this question and split the points.

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