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dns A record , MX record and linux mail server

Dear Experts:

I have installed the zimbra mail server zcs network edition .

Ubuntu host name : orangesrv.mydomain.com after sucesssful installation of split dns and zimbra now it working fine, now i would like to make the webmail accessible like the below
 mail.mydomain.com  (From orangesrv.mydomain.com  to mail.mydomain.com)

Please suggest me how to do this , posted below the /etc/hosts/ and split dns config for your reference.
-------------sudo/etc/hosts------------------------------------       localhost.localdomain                   localhost       orangesrv.mydomain..com        orangesrv   orangesrv.mydomain.com        orangesrv


; BIND data file for mydomain.com


$TTL    604800

@       IN     SOA    orangesrv.mydomain.com. admin.mydomain.com. (

                         2011051700         ; Serial

                         604800         ; Refresh

                          86400         ; Retry

                        2419200         ; Expire

                         604800 )       ; Negative Cache TTL


@               IN      NS      orangesrv
                IN      MX      20 orangesrv
                IN      A

orangesrv      IN      A

Request you to please check the above config and correct me if anything wrong also please suggest me how to change from orangesrv.mydomain.com to mail.mydomain.com. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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