no contacts with exchange 2007 activesync

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Hey all,

Got a problem that is driving me nuts right now.  I have a SBS2008 server with exchange 2007, and a user trying to come in on active-sync.  The emails and calendar sync just fine; but for the life of me I can not get the contacts to sync.

The solution is NOT to setup google sync, so please don't suggest that.  I have been reading other forums and coming up empty handed.  Really need some help on this one.

The phone is a motorola droid 2 global, carrier is verizon, gives me green checkmarks (a few errors on autodiscover) but I don't care about those.  The phone links right up when setting up the corporate email account which leads me to believe I may have something wrong on the server side, or maybe the phone is the problem.

Anyone seen where the contact only won't sync?

Thanks much!!
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Have you tried setting up the account on another phone?
might be a stupid question, but you're sure that it are contacts associated with that mbox?
not sugested contacts/public folders/Gal contacts?

also what happens if you do NOT check contacts at first, let the phone sync, and then go back an select contacts?


good points; I will have to see if I can locate another droid phone to set this up on.

Also the phone initially doesn't give you the option to not sync contacts, you have to completely set up the account and it starts the sync process. Then you go in and un-check the sync.  I will give that a shot.
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also, there is a sync log normally so you can check for corruption etc??


the log seems to be clear; I have tried the above suggestions and this phone simply won't sync the contacts.  You can watch it unsync and resync the calendar, but when you enable the contacts sync nothing happens.

I can't seem to locate another phone to try this with.

Any other thoughts?  This is annoying! :)  I do recall reading some issues with motoblur and activesync on forums, possibly related to using a self signed SSL certificate, but I don't want to purchase a SSL unless we know it fixes the problem.
it won't be an ssl issue i think, because then you wouldn't be able to sync anything...
I believe this issue lies in the phone resolution as of yet, even Verizon is stumped.  Guess we'll shut this one down for now...


verizon's support is stumped too, closing this question as it seems to be unresolvable at this point.

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