MS SQL log shipping problem

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I am using MS SQL 2008

I am configuring MS SQL 2008 log shipping method for one of the database

My primary backup is resided on my office PC, and my secondary log shipping server is resided in another location outside of my office's network.

Both primary and secondary servers have MS SQL server 2008 installed.

After I successfully set up backup  from primary server, I try to set up secondary server. I have the following trouble

I cannot connect to my secondary server by MS Management Studio. I tried Windows mode and SQL mode with user name and password. But it doesn't work?

Can someone help me with this
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If it is in another network you should not be  able to connect to it. At least if you dont have a VPN or a Static IP for the secondary server.
Are you able to ping and telnet on port 1433 of another server??which authentication method you are using for setitng up Logshipping??


how to ping another server?

I am using mixed mode set up for logging shipping. I tried only MS SQL access, but it doesn't work
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Do you have any connectivity between both server like Primary (office) to Secondary (Outside office)??


No. There is no connectivity between two networks. But I can vpn to the primary network
Hmmm...and what about after connecting through VPN you are able to connect to that Secondary DB Server?


VPN, I mean from my secondary sever to primary server. There is no vpn from primary server to secondary server
Are you able to ping and telnet from Secondary to Primary??

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