Who opened an exchange email

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I dont know of anyway of doing this hence throwing it out to everyone.

Exchange 2003 SP2 on a 2003 box.
A Shared mailbox accessed by numerous members of staff.
Does anyone know of a way to tell who opened and email at a certain time.
This is just too tell who may have read an email but not responded to the request within the email.
Ie I come along read the email but dont respond to it.
You come along notice the email has being read but assume that because it shows as read that someone has acted on the request.
I know you can reset them to unread, but this is not a reliable solution and these email requests are extremely important. As we all get distracted during the day and forget to carry out a task. We need a way of seeing who opened an email if it was not responded too.
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By not responded too I mean its later found that an email was opened but never acted upon. So we need to know who actually first opened that email.
no way to find that out unless you have some sort of custom application - even that would not be easy to create. yes, would love to have such an app.

i used to manage a helpdesk which exactly does the same, use a shared mailbox and reply to queries hitting that mailbox. relying on read/unread status is not the best way to track incidents . i had to get the users to mark the email as low (low importance) as an when they respond to an email. this way, any email that is not marked as low means it has not been attended to yet. its rare scenario when we get helpdesk request marked as low by sender. i then get up and head straight to the nearest wall to bang my head.
Marius GunnerudSenior Systems Engineer
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This article explains a couple ways of tracking mailbox usage but not sure if it will help with what you need: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/auditing-mailbox-access-exchange-system-manager-event-viewer.html

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Shabarinath RamadasanInfrastructure Architect

Try Quest Change auditor. It will clearly tell you who opened which mail at what time from which computer etc.

Good luck
ckeshavSr. Infrastructure Specialist

In the Exchange 2003 system Manager you can view the Last Logon details of of the Mailbox, this might be of little help to you


thanks for confirming what i suspected as ive never come across anything free or built in that comes close to what we require. looks like paid for solution i have come across quest for ad migrating but not for this so thanks for that shaba. will award points tomorrow uk time as at home now. thanks again for confirming what i suspected.

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