Ever use TeraByte Boot Manager?

Todd Mostowy
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Anybody ever use this product?

I need to create a USB and CD boot image that will allow me to create an image of a server 2008 R2 to a USB drive.  Keep in mind that the server has a RAID drive.  

I do not like Acronis - they left me haning once and I swore to never use them again.  Ghost is too expensive.  I loved BartPE, but hear that 2008 R2 64 bit is not supported.

I hear good things about this TeraByte product and the pricing is great!  What is your opinion
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Well, I just heard back from support at TeraByte and they say they can do all this and that the trial has full capability to do this so I can test.  I will report back.
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I've used Boot-It NG for many years, and wouldn't be without it for a multi-boot system.     I'll attach a copy of my main system's boot menu as an example of what you can easily do with it.

However ... the new Boot-It BM  ("Bare Metal") product does not have the built-in imaging capability that Boot-It NG did.     Instead, it uses the Image for DOS product ... which is also excellent, and will work fine for what you want to do.

You may still want to install Boot-It BM as the boot manager, even with only one OS, as it lets you seamlessly invoke Image for DOS to do an image/restore operation anytime you boot.    But you could also simply buy Image for DOS and just boot to that CD anytime you needed to create or restore an image.

The Terabyte products are a bit "geeky" in their interface ... but they are absolutely ROCK SOLID utilities that simply work.

Here's the boot menu for my current system:


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