How much data transfer are there for 95th percentile bandwidth on 10Mbs?

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I'm going for a 95th percentile bandwidth billing of 10Mbs.

How much GB of data transfer approximately are there in a month?
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The 95th percentile is a statistical number that may vary as the sample varies. You should ask your service provider for the formula they use and a description of their sampling technique.

While the maximum theoretical limit of a 10 Mbs service assuming thirty 24-hour days per month is a little over 3 TB, a good part of that will be consumed by overhead. Real data capacity becomes dependent on packet-size, retransmissions, session-establishment delays, etc. In addition, you would need a server with the capacity to keep the pipe filled 100% of the time.  You will probably never see even 1.5 TB of this capacity utilized in normal Internet service.

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