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Performance Stats on SQL 2005 & SQL2008

I have two seperation SQL servers: One is running Windows 2003 SQL 2005 & the other is Windows 2008 R2 SQL 2008. I would like to find out the following information from both servers:

1) Number of totally DB connections to each server.
2) Memory IO stats - what is consider high or low I'm not a DB person myself
3) Disk IO stats - what is consider high or low
4) PAge file stats
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If you prefer to use Microsoft own performance dashboard for sql 2005 AND 2008 here's a link that helps you run it for both and this gives you all and more that you asked for...
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Before I look at any of these links, I'm not a DB person. Will have to install anyting additional in or to run the dashboard?
You or someone would have to run some SQL against SQL 2005/2008 servers but is Microsoft own code same as SQL itself (we are running it against PROD db's for a 24*7 e-commerce web site) and the reports themsefl will be stored localy on a client computer.
other than that the query I sent you can run without any issues as they just SELECT data from sql tables/catalogs.
My SQL 2005 server has profiler installed?? CAn I use this at all?>
Sorry I'm a little confused is there an easy way for me to find all the number of open connections to the DB servers? THe query you posted before is a bit confusing
You should/could use SQL its own sp_who or sp_who2 to get all connections and what they are running in that sql instance or just the select below to get the number of connections only:

select [object_name],counter_name,cntr_value as current_value from sys.dm_os_performance_counters with (nolock) where counter_name = 'Logical Connections' and object_name in('SQLServer:Buffer Manager','SQLServer:General Statistics','SQLServer:Memory Manager')