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Image in word template gets resized on some computers

One word template contains a lot of text and several images. This template is downloaded, edited for the company, then put on the server in a read-only directory where employees can access it, but not make any changes to it. Last week, the template changed slightly, one of the images became slightly larger on all computers but the workstation it was created on. On that computer, the template looks normal.

All the computers are running word 2007 with all the latest updates.

Any thoughts?
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Boyd (HiTechCoach) Trimmell, Microsoft Access MVP 2010-2015
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I find that different setting like default printer, screen resolution, etc can make a difference between computers.

Are you truly creating a Word template (.dotx or .dotm or .dot)?

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Yes, the template is a .dot file.
Is it a 'floating' or an inline shape?

How much has the image changed? You could get the sizes in points with one of these snippets

Sub ShSize()
    MsgBox Selection.ShapeRange(1).Width
End Sub

Sub ILShSize()
    MsgBox Selection.InlineShapes(1).Width
End Sub

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Hi newgentechnologies,

Are the images in the header/footer, or in the document itself?

If they are only in the header/footer, the problem can be resolved easily.

The image is in the document. I just compared the two on two different workstations. One displays correctly and the other does not. Both images are the same size, it only looks like it's different. So there must just be a setting in word that is somehow changing how it is viewed.
Word is printer-oriented. Do they print differently? If so, in what way? It may be an inevitable adjustment to the current situation.
If your screens are not at the optimal resolution, then you will get image deformation ON THE SCREEN, but not in the printed document...
They do print differently. The problem is an image on one page appears to get larger (though upon looking at the actual size, they are the same), and it pushes a footnote down onto the next page on some computers. Yet they're using the exact same template.
That IS strange - I don't  think I can be of further help ;-(
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Looks like there isn't really a solution for this but to change the template so it displays correctly on the majority of the workstations.
Don't forget that there are some optional rules about formatting (e.g. 'Keep with next') that can be applied if you have a positive requirements regarding pagination.