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I want to see if Python has really good interfaces like those of Perl CGI, where you can just write Perl and generate HTML, javascript and CGI.  Perl has a number of similar interfaces like this, JSON, Mason, etc.

Is there something in Python that is beats Perl?  If so please provide code examples.  I want to run it and see if it generates good web interfaces (like CSS, Pop up menus and may also plot graphs).
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Not sure what you're exactly looking for.

You might look at
pyjamas (write 'widgets' in python. and create javascript from it) Never used it though.

You can see some examples here:

Hi gelonida,

I am looking for a way to write some good syntax unlike java script or html/css, etc. that would produce java script or html without me knowing it.  Yes, I was looking at Pyjamas and Pylon.  I needed some easy to follow example of code that would produce, say, pop up menus in web browser.  Similarly would plot a graph on the web browser.  This way I will not have to write any HTML, javascript, etc.

Makes sense?
Pyjamas is a way to go for you. (Otherwise you have to write some JS/HTML even with libraries to help you.)

Here is some example and further links
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Do you have any experience with Pyjamas?  The link you sent didn't help much, unfortunately.  Any good examples of interfaces being built by Pyjamas.  How you do compare it with Pylon?

This website gives information about many of such interfaces.  Do you have any information about any of those?

Do you use Python to do any web programming at Google?  There are so many of those, I like clean code unlike HTML/Javascript, etc., and therefore want to code my web with some Python interface.  It should be very powerful and good looking interface, apart from being stable and reliable.
Yes, I do, but don't use Pyjamas. I use Google Appengine and jQuery/UI to write concise  HTML/Javascript.
But you recommended me Pyjamas.  Is there any specific reason?  DO you know something about Pyjamas that is better than others like jQuery/UI?
AFAIK Pyjamas is the only (proved) way to avoid writing HTML/Javascript. Most small site developers are OTOH interested in learning HTML/Javascript and big shops have dedicated designers who supplies already made HTML.

So your usecase is pretty limited and that's one of the reasons Pyjamas is not very widespread.
Thanks for your time.  It still however doesn't answer the question why I should use Pyjamas as opposed to a dozen other Python based web interfaces in the link I provided above.  However, appreciate your time.

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