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My app receives double values through e.g. 8740

From the calling app, this translates to £87.40

But when I save it in my audit table (and I understand why it does it this way) it is £8740.00.

Is there something in the .net framework to achieve my goal (place a decimal place in the right place and not on the end) or will I need to write a small function?

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your audit table column takes incoming data and recast to how you have your table set up..recast the column in your sql to format the data correctly..
Is it possible to provide your code?
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If the value always has 2 decimal digits then you can simply divide it by 100 before saving to the DB.

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post code here..so we can look..absolutely...I was just wanted you to be sure the SQL side columns were data cast correctly...make sure you take out your personal info b4 u upload...

This is ugly, but works:
' dbl = 8740

dbl = Mid(dbl, 1, CStr(dbl).Length - 2) & "." & CStr(dbl).Substring(CStr(dbl).Length - 2)

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Amazing how the brain struggles after 9 hours!!  

A simple solution that I am gutted I couldn't see myself with my aching brain!  Thanks :)

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