Subnet and usable IPs.

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our ISP sent me the below, but have question about it. If the subnet mask is x.x.x.128, wouldn't usable IPs under the subnet be x.x.x.129-x.x.x.254?

Gateway: x.x.x.1
IP: x.x.x.2 to x.x.x.126

The subnet for a /25 is always
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Depends on the network given it will either be as described x.x.x.128/25 or x.x.x.0/25

Network address: x.x.x.0
First usable address x.x.x.1
Broadcast address: x.x.x.127
Subnet mask


Network address: x.x.x.128
First usable address x.x.x.129
Broadcast address: x.x.x.255
Subnet mask


Thank. I was stupid...

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