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I have a user with a re occuring appointment every wednesdsay at 11 set up in his Outlook Calendar. If the appt is going to change this week for example and happen at 10 he can go to the Outlook calendar and click on that appt and drag it up or down to adjust the time of it but lest say he know that the one in 3 weeks will be at one, it wont let him drag that one to a different time. Is this something that just isn't working or a part of the probgarm that isn't going to let him manually adjust re occuring appts for other weeks beyond the current one
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Hey Jason,

It must be a problem for that user or for your system.
I just made a reoccurring appointment and was able to drag and change one of the reoccurring appointments 3 weeks in the future.


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I tried reloading Office on that PC, can you think of anything else I can try
Can you please check for the following ICONs at the meeting-requests.
Recurring item    
Exception to recurring item    

What are those symbols in my calendar display?
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They start out as recurring and then for example if he adjusts the one from this week it becomes ans exception. But if he trys to change that appt for next week it won't let him.
Ideally there shouldn't be a difference between this week and next-week's appointment.

>> can he move any other appointment\meeting-request of that next-week? are they successfully changing their time without any issues?

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